The Residential Specialist

  • September/October 2023

    September 2023

    In This Issue: Helping clients buy before they sell; How to use chatbots; Get started using data analytics; How to handle rejection

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  • July/August 2023

    July 2023

    In This Issue: Helping first-time investors; Keeping your team motivated; Serving military clients; Highlighting multigenerational CRS families

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  • May/June 2023

    May 2023

    In This Issue: Answering client questions about schools; Buying leads vs, organic leads; Benefits and challenges of multistate licensing; Learn how to use LinkedIn for marketing

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  • March/April 2023

    March 2023

    In This Issue: Giving back to your community can result in new leads; Promote localized content on your website; The importance of professional photography; Decide if outsourcing your marketing is best for your business

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  • January/February 2023

    December 2022

    In This Issue: Introducing the 2023 RRC President, Pam Ruggeroli, CRS; How to increase engagement in a shifting market; Handling short-sale transactions; Dealing with stigmatized properties

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