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Residential Real Estate
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Your business success is our goal. Working to help you down the path to success are many dedicated individuals who serve as volunteer leaders of the Residential Real Estate Council. 

These individuals commit time away from their own businesses to help set the direction for the Council and provide you with the tools and resources to thrive in your market. 

Learn more about the Council’s leadership and how you can get involved.

Board of Directors


Tricia Nekota, CRS


President Elect

Vivian Macias, CRS


First Vice President

Teresa Pitt, CRS

Raleigh,North Carolina

Immediate Past President

Holli Woodward, CRS



Debra Beagle, CRS



Ellis Gardner, CRS

Signal Mountain,Tennessee


Mark Gordon, CRS


Outside Director

Bryan Hughes



Tonya Thomsen, CRS


Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Hornberger


Regional Vice Presidents

Corinne Geiger, CRS

Region 1: New England Region (includes CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT)

Alison Wisnom, CRS

Region 2: NJ/DE, NY, PA, MD/DC, VA

Kristie Ferguson, CRS

Region 3: KY, NC, SC, TN

Rosemarie Doshier, CRS

Region 4: AL, FL, GA

Tamara Towns-Pozorski, CRS

Region 5: MI, OH, IN, IL, WI

Fran Bixler, CRS

Region 6: IA, MN, NE, ND/SD, KS, MO

Robert Morris, CRS

Region 7: AR, OK, LA, TX

Bethany Weiser, CRS

Region 8: AZ, CO, NV, NM, UT, WY

Linda Ellen Anderson, CRS

Region 9: AK, ID, MT, OR, WA

Marta Paulson, CRS

Region 10: CA, HI

State Presidents

Kim Harwood, CRS - Alabama

Emma Shibe, CRS - Alaska

Barbara Wilson, CRS - Arizona

Tonya Parks, CRS - Arkansas

Rita Tayenaka, CRS - California

Joseph Newman, CRS - Colorado

Brenda Foster, CRS - Dakotas

Aida Vega-Medinilla, CRS - Florida

Penny Rafferty, CRS - Georgia

Raymond Kang, CRS - Hawaii

Tami Sims, CRS - Idaho

John Grissom, CRS - Illinois

Tyler Simmons, CRS - Indiana

Joni Eubank, CRS - Iowa

Jeanna Wright, CRS - Kentucky

Kelly Gable, CRS - Louisiana

Cherice Clark, CRS - Maryland/D.C.

Christine Dean, CRS - Michigan

Corey Stittsworth, CRS - Minnesota

Paul Sidwell, CRS - Missouri

John Carlson, CRS - Montana

Kristen Reimers, CRS - Nebraska

Terry McBerty, CRS - Nevada

Marie Presti, CRS - New England

Mary Bianchi - New Jersey/Delaware

Lorri Zumwalt, CRS - New Mexico

Susan Sommers, CRS - New York

Marvette Artis, CRS - North Carolina

Heather Prince, CRS - Ohio

Sharyl Pickens, CRS - Oklahoma

John Furrow, CRS - Oregon

Raul Azpiazu, CRS - Pennsylvania

Aaron Taylor, CRS - Tennessee

Sonia Guardado, CRS - Texas

Tony Reece, CRS - Utah

Dallison Veach, CRS - Virginia

Rebecca Elde, CRS - Washington

Peggy Wester, CRS - Wisconsin

Angela Wilson, CRS - Wyoming

RRC Senior Staff

Jeff Hornberger

Chief Executive Officer


Colleen McMahon

Chief Member & Volunteer Officer


Mel Burkholder-White

Vice President of Professional Development


Bob Nitekman, CRS

Vice President of Information Technology


Cheré LaRose

Vice President of Marketing & Communications


Urszula Stankiewicz



Matt Schroeder

Director of Volunteer Services


DW Zhang-Raz

Director of People & Culture



Awards Committee


The Awards Committee is responsible for reviewing applications and making recommendations to the Board of Directors for the Council’s annual awards. 


The group consists of a Chair and six (6) at-large members.


The at-large members serve one-year terms via an online forum.


Shelley Watkins


Cindy Bennett

Maria Dargan

Tricia Lehane

Melissa Lundgren

Jen MacLay

Vice Chair

Lucia Fernandez

Board of Directors


The RRC Board of Directors is accountable for the oversight and control of the properties, funds, and activities of the Council. The Board of Directors also have the authority to:

a) Establish objectives and assign responsibility for the programs and activities of the Council.
b) Initiate, formulate, and adopt statements of official policy for the Council.
c) Establish, alter or amend, as required, rules, policies and procedures governing the proceedings and meetings of the Board of Directors which are not inconsistent with the Bylaws, or Constitution, Bylaws or policies of NAR.
d) Establish, dissolve, and determine the size and responsibilities of all committees, divisions, workgroups and taskforces other than committees specified by the Bylaws.
e) Assume responsibility for other duties and functions customarily incumbent upon the governing Board of a corporation, or enumerated in the Bylaws, or imposed by law.
f) Select, retain, support and discharge the Chief Executive Officer.
g) Determine annual membership dues. 


The Board of Directors consists of Officers of the Council (President, President-Elect, First Vice President, and Immediate Past President), four at-large members and one outside voting member.
The First Vice President serves as Chair of the Finance Committee and performs other duties as are assigned by these Bylaws or the Board of Directors.


The four at-large members serve two-year terms, and one outside voting member serves a two-year term. Board of Directors at-large and the outside Board of Director shall not serve consecutive terms.

First Vice President

Teresa Pitt

Immediate Past Pres.

Holli Woodward


Jeff Hornberger

Patricia Stodolny

Debra Beagle

Ellis Gardner

Mark Gordon

Tonya Thomsen

Bryan Hughes


Tricia Nekota

President Elect

Vivian Macias

Code of Conduct Committee


Responsible for interpreting, administering, and enforcing the Volunteer Code of Conduct of the Residential Real Estate Council. 


Immediate Past President, CEO and four (4) at-large members


Holli Woodward


Brett Brown

Reuben Gregorian

Addie Owens

Julie Erickson

Education Advisory Committee


The Education Advisory Committee is to help the Council's strategic plan pillar of lifelong learning and growth in professional development.  


Chair, Vice Chair and up to 12 members at-large who are current/past instructors or designees with previous professional development experience.

Election Guidelines Implementation Committee


The purpose of the Election Campaign Guidelines Implementation Committee is to oversee adherence to Election Campaign Guidelines during the election. 


The committee is composed of a Chair, Vice Chair and five members at large.


Chair and Vice Chair serve one-year terms and five at-large members serve two-year staggered terms.


Rory Dubin


Paula Angelopoulos Urbinati

Steve Reese

Nancy Suter

Sandra Fernandez

Lisa Parenteau

Vice Chair

Tracy Freeman

Finance Committee


The Finance Committee develops financial policies for the Council, monitors adherence to those policies, and establishes decision-making and policy development criteria for recommendations have budgetary impacts. 


The Finance Committee consists of the President, President Elect, First Vice President, Immediate Past President and five at-large members.


The four officers serve one-year terms and the Immediate Past President serves as a non-voting member for a one-year term. Five at-large members serve two-year staggered terms.


Teresa Pitt

Immediate Past Pres.

Holli Woodward


Patricia Stodolny

Mary Anne Kennedy

Christopher Suranna

Bradley MacLay

Raymond Kang

Renae Pretty


Tricia Nekota

Staff Liaison

Jeff Hornberger

Vice Chair

Vivian Macias

Leadership Development Committee


The Leadership Development Committee is responsible for recommending nominations for President, President Elect and First Vice President of the Council and Board of Directors. Additionally, this committee approves the recommendations for Regional Vice Presidents and Leadership Development Committee before going to the Board of Directors for final approval. 


The group consists of the First Vice President, Immediate Past President as Chair and seven at-large members.


The two officers serve one-year terms and seven at-large members serve two-year staggered terms.


Holli Woodward


Patricia Stodolny

Sandy Borman

Kim Kantrow

Benjamin Little

Sarah Malarkey

Sandy McRae

Sally Sparks

John Young

Vice Chair

Teresa Pitt

Next Generation Advisory Committee


Helps the Council's strategic plan pillar of building strong connections and welcoming new demographics of members to ensure the Council is relevant and timely.  


Chair, Vice Chair and up to 12 members at-large.

Regional Vice Presidents Committee


Assists the Council with the State/Multi-State Leadership teams and Local Networking Groups within assigned region. 


All Regional Vice Presidents.


Regional Vice Presidents serve one-year terms with the possibility of re-appointment and may serve a maximum of three one-year terms.


Kimberly Barnthouse


Linda Ellen Anderson

Fran Bixler

Rosemarie Doshier

Kristie Ferguson

Corinne Geiger

Robert Morris

Marta Paulson

Tamara Towns-Pozorski

Bethany Weiser

Alison Wisnom

Regional Vice Presidents Selection Subcommittee


Conducts interviews for Regional Vice President positions and makes recommendations to the Leadership Development Committee. 


A Chair, Vice Chair, three at-large members and two Past Regional Vice Presidents.


All terms are one year in length.


Jennifer Ward


Ingrid Prather

Gail Rodriguez

Nora Lynch

Eloise Eriksson Martin

Bonnie Metviner

Vice Chair

Margie McIntyre

RRC Representatives on NAR Committees


RRC representatives on NAR committees are expected to raise awareness of the Council among the committee members and promote and advance interest of the Council, and further strengthen the relationship with NAR.

Best practices for RRC representatives include:

  • Focus on things that make a difference to the Council.
  • Listen to topics that may affect the Council and take notes
  • Be a brand ambassador and position the Council in a positive light.
  • Verify and share information that has been approved for general dissemination.
  • Clarify the scope of work and identify the level of assistance needed before committing resources to a project.
  • Be a voice for RRC, but seek approval from Council Leadership before speaking on behalf of the Council


    Business Issues Policy Committee – 1-year term
    Executive Committee – 2-year term
    Federal Financing & Housing Policy Committee - 1-year term
    Global Business and Alliances Committee – 1-year term
    Professional Development Committee – 1-year term
    Professional Standards Committee – 1-year term
    Public Policy Coordinating Committee – 2-year term

    Note: For the committee below, one member will be chosen to represent ALL affiliates (not each affiliate).
    RPAC Trustee Fundraising Committee – 1-year term


    RRC Representatives on NAR committee are required to participate in one virtual meeting with RRC and two meetings of NAR committees in person: Mid-Year and Annual Meeting and any virtual meeting that may be schedule by NAR. Unexcused absences will result in removal from the committee.

    NAR Business Issues Policy Committee

    Eloise Martin

    NAR Federal Financing & Housing Policy Committee

    Aaron Taylor

    NAR Global Business and Alliances Committee

    Rory Dubin

    NAR Professional Development Committee

    Kim Knapp

    NAR Professional Standards Committee

    Connie Mahan

    NAR Public Policy Coordinating Committee

    Bradley Fry

    Mastermind Divisions

    Divisions provide an opportunity for the Council members to exchange best practices and serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors. Divisions each have a chair and a co-chair appointed by the President and President-elect on annual basis to serve a one-year term. Members of the mastermind division will be appointed by the President-elect and First Vice President on annual basis to serve a one-year term. Each division has up to 75 members who will self-nominate or nominate another Council member for consideration. A member may only serve on one mastermind division at any given time. Each division meets at least twice a year during Midyear and Annual Meetings.

    Education Mastermind Division


    To provide an opportunity for members, instructors, and course sponsors to exchange ideas, information, best practices, and education that help residential specialists enhance their practice, achieve greater success, and elevate the profession. The group will focus on the 4 professional domains-Working with Sellers, Working with Buyers, Business Development, and Professional Development. 


    Co-leaders, Instructors, Candidate Instructors and at-large members.


    Co-leaders serve a one-year term. At-large members serve one-year terms without term limits.


    Barbara Wilson

    Ellie Valters

    Outreach Marketing Mastermind Division


    To provide a supportive community for RRC members and volunteer leaders to discuss outreach opportunities and coordinate activities which seek to: 1. Increase awareness and understanding of the CRS designation among buyers and sellers 2. Increase awareness and understanding of the CRS designation within the real estate industry 3. Increase awareness and understanding of the CRS designation globally Through discussions and presentations members will share best practices, develop strategies, and execute plans to achieve their goals and improve their businesses 


    Co-leaders and 75 at-large members


    Co-leaders serve one-year terms. At-large members serve one-year terms without term limits.


    Christina Silva

    Jason Jakus

    Regional Mastermind Division


    To provide a supportive community for each state leadership team and their volunteers to coordinate local activities which seek to: 1. Building RRC Membership Growth, Engagement and Satisfaction 2. Providing RRC Learning Opportunities 3. Promoting RRC Designation Awareness and Use 4. Building RRC Networking and Referral Benefits Through discussions and presentations members will share best practices, develop strategies, and execute plans which will achieve their goals and improve their operations. 


    Co-leaders, State Presidents, RVPs and 25 at-large members


    Co-leaders, State Presidents and RVPs serve one-year terms. At-large members serve one-year terms without term limits.


    Emma Shibe

    Andrea Greenwalt

    Past Council Presidents

    1976-Don Roberts, CRS

    1979-Daniel Sheehan, CRS

    1980-David Doeleman, CRS

    1981-Jock Barker, CRS

    1982-Del Bain, CRS

    1983-Mary Klock, CRS

    1984-Howard Brinton, CRS

    1985-Chip Morrison, CRS

    1986-D. Mark Miscevic, CRS

    1987-Gail Lyons, CRS

    1988-Rick DeLuca, CRS

    1989-David Beson, CRS

    1990-Pat Zaby, CRS

    1991-John Clements, CRS

    1992-Mike Brodie, CRS

    1993-Susan Anderson, CRS

    1994-Richard Dillingham, CRS

    1995-Judith Sykes, CRS

    1996-Frank Kowalski, CRS

    1997-Myra Zollinger, CRS

    1998-Edward Hatch, CRS

    1999-Toni Sherman, CRS

    2000-Douglas Richards, CRS

    2001-Gee Dunsten, CRS

    2002-Walter Frey, CRS

    2003-Bill Sloan, CRS

    2004-Gail Flagel, CRS

    2005-Ingrid Glancy, CRS

    2006-Randy Eagar, CRS

    2007-Kay West, CRS

    2008-Michael Selvaggio, CRS

    2009-Gregory Hodges, CRS

    2010-Gregg Fujita, CRS

    2011-Franklin Serio, CRS

    2012-Mark Minchew, CRS

    2013-Mary McCall, CRS

    2014-Ron Canning, CRS

    2015-Dale Carlton, CRS

    2016-Janelle Pfleiger, CRS

    2017-Leigh Brown, CRS

    2018-Gary Williams, CRS

    2019-Michael Burkhard, CRS

    2020-Richard Waystack, CRS

    2021-Alex Milshteyn, CRS

    2022-Holli Woodward, CRS