Customizable digital assets to help CRSs build their brand and their businesses.

Photofy is more than just another photo editing app, it's a powerful content creation tool that has everything you need to create beautiful, professional photos right from your mobile device.

Sold by a CRS
Sold By a CRS
Sold by a CRS

WHAT: The Residential Real Estate Council is dedicated to helping CRSs succeed and connect with their clients in today’s social world. We have partnered with the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® and the Photofy content creation tool to create a version of the app dedicated to CRS-branded content.

The app allows you to easily personalize the social media graphics with your photo or logo and contact information; then share them on your social media accounts. It's pre-loaded with ready-to-share videos and graphics with suggested copy to accompany them. The app is available for iOS and Android devices.

HOW DO I REGISTER: CRSs will register through NAR and then be able to click account – and switch over to RRC.
Go to and enter your contact information and NAR member ID. Only NAR members can sign up to receive the NAR version of the app. You can then download the app from the Apple App Store (for iOS devices) or Google Play (for Android devices).

  • Simply sign into the app using the email address and password you created when you registered for your account. 
  • Once you are signed up with NAR and entered your tokens on the "Welcome Screen", you can then toggle at the bottom of the screen to find "RRC".
  • Once you then switch to that platform, you will also have to fill in tokens on the "Welcome Screen" for "RRC–CRS". You will only have to do this one time which will populate that info later into the templates you choose.

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