Hesitate to Meditate?

written by Shannon Gilmore, CRS
Middleburg, VA   
Jan 21, 2021

Don’t we all need some more Zen in our lives? Have you ever considered taking 10-20 minutes to just BE, but then think “I need to call the title company, check my email, let the dogs out, post on Instagram, answer that text...”? The list of to do seems never ending. Selling real estate is demanding and stressful. What are YOU doing to manage YOUR stress? Now that it’s 2021 why not try the practice of meditation?

Notice I said practice? That’s because like any knew skill meditation requires practice. Remember when you fell off your bike the first few times you tried to ride it you didn’t give up. Eventually you got the hang of it, so give this a chance, the benefits are too numerous to ignore. The benefits of being more mindful range from better mental health to decreasing pain and blood pressure. Interested in learning more about evidence-based benefits; read this article from Healthline.

There are different types of meditation; open monitoring, focused-transcendental (mantra based). The good news is you can try whatever type you want and there are lots of apps to help you practice and guide you. Some offer annual memberships, some free trials or limited free access. Want to learn more right now? Visit the website: headspace

10 % Happier – $
Calm – $ * many different guided or unguided meditations -Great sleep stories
Headspace – $
Aura – $
Meditation Nest – $
Chopra – $ * great for guided focused (mantra) meditations
Simple Habit – $
Smiling Mind – Free
Insight Timer – Free
Breethe – Free

So, who is meditating, and do they believe it’s beneficial? You be the judge... Here are a few names you might recognize, Arianna Huffington, Michael Jordan, Bill Gates, and Oprah Winfrey. Arianna Huffington describes it this way, “Fortunately, a friend pointed out one day that we don’t 'do' meditation; meditation 'does' us. That opened the door for me. The only thing to 'do' in meditation is nothing. Since then, I've made 20 to 30 minutes of meditation part of my morning routine. As Brian Andreas wrote, 'Everything changed the day she figured out there was exactly enough time for the important things in her life.'"

As for me I keep experimenting with different meditations and a couple of apps. I have really loved the guided meditations with Oprah and Deepak. These 21-day meditations were free to participants and are available to purchase or you can find them on YouTube. Here is one focusing on Abundance. Also, as I was working on this article I happened to be flipping through Netflix when I came across the series headspace Guide to Meditation. I started watching it and found it to be interesting and at the end of each episode you spend a few minutes being guided through a meditation. If you have any interest, I highly recommend it.

What I have learned is it’s not easy and it doesn’t always go smoothly. That’s ok! I still work at finding a quiet space, dealing with the dogs barking in the middle of it or my apple watch alerting me to a new text, sigh. I am still practicing and trying to fit in meditation daily. If right now you are thinking, “Well I still don’t have the time.” Problem solved! Many of the apps have a timer feature. Or try ending a stressful day with a sleep meditation? We all need more peace and less stress so why not give it a try? Don't hesitate, go meditate!

"You can't serve the world unless you take care of yourself first. I find time for meditation every day." A.H.

Shannon Gilmore, CRS @Washington Fine Properties. She assists buyers and sellers in Northern Virginia and Washington D.C.