Online Referral Advertising

The Council offers access to an extensive network of the best residential REALTORS® in the country, along with plenty of opportunities to find, connect with and refer to these REALTORS®. CRS Designees receive a complimentary listing in their primary office location and are searchable therein via Find a CRS, our online referral network and community.

Download the Find a CRS App to have access to the latest news, referral activity, and more right at your finger tips.

Designees can increase their exposure and boost their business through additional advertising opportunities. See options below. Please note: You will be asked to login to purchase. Only CRS Designees may purchase ads.

Global Referrals

Additional City Listings

Each designee is provided with one complimentary listing in their primary office location. This comes from the "city" of your business address on your profile. If you service more than one city or area, you can purchase additional city listings so your profile appears in the search results for other areas you serve.

Pricing starts at $35 per additional location, for 1 year of advertising.

Featured Agent Listings

Are you an expert of your city? Don't get lost in a sea of agents! Feature your profile at the start of as many city search results as you'd like. The more locations you cover, the better your opportunity to refer and network with others.

Pricing starts at $225 for 1 year of advertising.
Example noted below.

Featured Agent Listing

Banner Ads

Stand out at the top of any city area of your choosing with a banner advertisement. Select from any of our template designs* or upload a creation of your own**. With this option, agents can link directly to your personal website.

Pricing starts at $245 for 1 year of advertising.
*Template customization fee is $99.
**Submitted artwork must meet iab standards. Please include Leader Board (728x90) and Mobile (320x50) versions of your ad.
Example of an Agent Submitted Banner Ad
Alex Milshteyn
Example of an RRC Templated Banner Ad

The Residential Specialist Referral Marketplace

As a CRS, referrals are one of the most important benefits of designation. Advertising in The Residential Specialist print and online magazine exposes your business to more than 30,000 CRS peers, significantly increasing opportunities to receive referrals.

For more information, go to the Agent Referral Ad webpage at

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