Digital Marketing- Social Media Certification

Digital Marketing: Social Media Certification

The Digital Marketing: Social Media Certification program is for real estate professionals who want to develop expertise with social media resources and sites that are an essential part of today's digital marketing mix whether you are promoting your business or the properties you represent.

Requirements for Certification

To earn the Digital Marketing: Social Media Certification, you must complete the following programs, for a total of 12 credit hours:

  1. Digital Marketing: Establishing a Social Media Brand (virtual or live one-day classroom course; 8 credit hours)
  2. Navigating the Social Media Maze (on-demand eLearning course; 2 credit hours)
  3. The Real Estate Social Media Marketing Planner (on-demand webinar; 1 credit hour)
  4. Making Social Media Work (on-demand webinar; 1 credit hour)

Purchase the Online Component Bundle and Get Started Today
$63 Members | $99 Non-members
The above Bundled Price is in addition to the cost for the classroom course. Prices for the live classroom course vary depending on the state and host. 


Get Certified

Once you have completed all of the necessary course requirements you will earn the certification noted above. you will receive a certificate of completion and access to the logos to be used in your marketing and advertising. Should you have any questions or if you encounter any issues or delays, please email so that we can best assist.


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