Residential Real Estate Divorce Specialist Certification

Residential Real Estate Divorce Specialist Certification

The RRC’s Residential Real Estate Divorce Specialist Certification program is being designed to help agents learn the family law basics so they be more effective when speaking with clients and guiding them through the process of listing their home or buying a home. It will focus on helping the agents maintain neutrality by putting them through common contentious situations and role-paly exercises with a focus on helping them develop techniques to prevent potential disaster moments.

After successfully completing the first eLearning, you will be able to:

  • Identify the stages of divorce and key terminology associated with divorce
  • Explain the implications of community property and equitable distribution in different states on a divorce proceeding
  • Explain common points of intersection between divorce attorneys and real estate agents
  • Explore common strategies within the context of real estate and divorce
  • Effectively promote themselves as a divorce specialist and start developing their niche

After successfully completing the second eLearning, you will be able to:

  • Explore key sensitivities of clients going through a divorce
  • Establish clear and enforceable boundaries
  • Explore potential obstacles when interacting with clients going through a divorce
  • Define the term Neutral and its implications in real estate transactions
  • Develop emotional skills to better interact with clients
  • Craft general agreements when working with couples experiencing a divorce

Requirements for Certification

This certification will ask potential students to complete two (2) eLearnings. After successful completion of both components, totaling four (4) hours of learning and scores of 70% or better on both exams, students will receive the certification.

All education offerings will be made available online (asynchronous).


Price: $200 Members | $250 Non-members

Get Certified

Once you have completed all of the necessary course requirements you will earn the certification noted above. you will receive a certificate of completion and access to the logos to be used in your marketing and advertising. Should you have any questions or if you encounter any issues or delays, please email so that we can best assist.