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Getting certified on specialized skill sets shows you've dedicated the time and effort to master competencies in better-assisting clients. Distinguish yourself and earn one or more of the Council's  professional certificates after completing the curriculum.

Our certificates will help you:

  • Better serve clients as an agent and facilitate listings and transactions.
  • Stand out with unique marketing ideas in a growing real estate niche.
  • Build stronger relationships as an agent with potential clients and partners in the community.
  • Act on what you've learned immediately with pre-made toolkits.

Negotiations Certificate - NEW

RRC’s Negotiations Certificate is for real estate professionals who want to fine-tune their negotiation skills, with courses that dive deeper into the psychological aspects of negotiations, allowing agents to master negotiations and grow their expertise.

Negotiations Certificate

Luxury Homes Certification - NEW

Luxury Homes Certification is for agents looking to hone their skills in the ever-growing luxury home market. The courses included will give REALTORS® the knowledge they need to approach the luxury niche, including pricing strategies, negotiation tactics, and how to stand out from the crowd.
Luxury Homes Certification

Smart Home Certification

Smart Home Certification is for the real estate professional who wants to develop expertise in the technology, privacy issues, and best transitions practices involved in selling and buying smart homes.


Residential Listing Certificate

The Residential Listing Certificate program helps REALTORS® master the art of listing residential properties while providing strategies, tools, and more to help agents enhance and differentiate their listings.



Digital Marketing: Social Media Certification

The Digital Marketing: Social Media certification is for real estate professionals who want to develop expertise with social media resources and sites that are an essential part of today's digital marketing mix whether you are promoting your business or the properties you represent.


The completion of RRC Certificate Program may also constitute credit towards the CRS Designation, Designation Maintenance credit, and potentially CE Credit (depending on your state of licensure). For a complete understanding of any potential overlap or credit, please see the links provided, or contact us.