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Objection Handling: Your Way to Yes

Sandy Borman, CRS

We know agents struggle in the face of objections from sellers and buyers. It’s not because they can’t find the answers, but because they lack the skills and the structure to confidently... Learn more»

ROCKIN with an OLDIE- Tips and techniques to 42 Years of surviving, recessions, market crashes and pandemics and still be at the Top of the Game

Alexis Bolin, CRS

How to thrive in a changing market. Know what to do and say in any given situation to survive and thrive. New scripts created specifically to deal with... Learn more»

Lead, Inspire, Motivate - Running a Successful Team

Diane Beck, CRS Kim Cameron, CRS

Our real estate careers have spanned 30 years and we have always been part of a team or been the team leader. It's a very productive way to build a business. It takes the right mix of people, systems and... Learn more»

Old School Marketing of The Mega Producers

Mick Burke, CRS

Mick started Hunter Chase Realty in 2017 and defiantly was going to do it differently. After laying out what worked in the past and projecting the systems that would be... Learn more»

The Art of Relationship Building- Online and IRL

Kelly Catallo, CRS

Relationships are hard! Hard to build and hard to keep. Come along and learn the art of relationship building in... Learn more»

Investment Property; Sell it, Own it, Profit! A Guide

Paul Dizmang, CRS

Almost 40% of all homes are investment properties, which means the real estate investment market is HUGE! This session will cover how to work with... Learn more»

"On Being Human" – How a global pandemic has made me become a better REALTOR®

Tracy Freeman, CRS

"REALTORS® are small business owners, whether it is a solo agent or a team of 10. From marketing, to business planning, to budgeting, agents are impacting lives of... Learn more»

WTF!? – The Real Estate Gameshow

Mark Gordon, CRS

The Real Estate Gameshow will be a session like no other at any Sell-a-Bration. It will make attendees learn and laugh, make them think, and possibly even cry. This fast-paced session will be structured as a gameshow with... Learn more»

Do Good & Be Rewarded

Beth Jaworski , CRS

Learn how my proven system of community involvement, combined with smart marketing, has made me the agent "everyone knows". I will share my proven plan... Learn more»

Owning the Social Media Cycle

Khoi Le , CRS

A lot of agents are overwhelmed with social media and get lost in the sea of options. This session is designed to have not only substantial information on the best techniques... Learn more»

Pricing in a Shifting Market

Monica Neubauer , CRS

Appraisers price homes objectively. Agents use objective information and their general observations and experience to price houses. In a shifting market... Learn more»

When You're the One Relocating: How to Move Your Real Estate Business

Alison Wisnom, CRS

Many Realtors consider a change of location. Whether they're thinking about retiring to a beach town, moving to help with parents or grandchildren, or... Learn more»

Double Your Income while You Design Your Life Through The 10 Steps to Greatness

Joe Kehrig, CRS

Building your life first and fitting your business around your life rather than the alternative. We will... Learn more»

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