Event Detail

WTF!? – The Real Estate Gameshow

The Real Estate Gameshow will be a session like no other at any Sell-a-Bration. It will make attendees learn and laugh, make them think, and possibly even cry. This fast-paced session will be structured as a gameshow with the audience as the contestants. Two story telling hosts and one audience roaming host will keep things entertaining and informative. And don't forget the prizes. The hosts have curated a volume of "WTF real estate stories" from personal experience, their colleagues, and combing the internet's real estate chat rooms. The first type of questions will be about in-depth "real-life" WTF stories. The hosts will set up the scenario and then audience members can predict how the story ends or suggest creative ways to "solve" the issue. Then the hosts will let the audience know how the real story actually ended. The second style of questions will be a group of stories and the audience will be polled to find the fictional story. Entertainment is a priority but so is the lesson of fast thinking, creativity, and the importance of knowing the details of the real estate career.