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CRS Week 2020

Selling Virtually, Richard Waystack, CRS & Alex Milshteyn, CRS, 1 credit

Selling Luxury Homes-What's the Story?, Jack Cotton, CRS, 1 credit


CRS Week 2019

The Value of Pre-Listing Inspections, Jay Gregg (Pillar To Post), 1 credit

Hiring Your First Team Member, Leigh Brown, CRS, 1 credit

Licensed to Price, Frank Serio, CRS, Alex Milshteyn, CRS, James Nellis, CRS, & Richard Waystack, CRS, 1 credit

Creating Sales Post Closing, Koki Adasi, CRS and Jan Brito, CRS, 1 credit

Networking at the Local and State Level: Taking the Guesswork Out of Getting Involved, Holli Woodward, CRS, 1 credit

CRS Week 2018

Smart Homes & Aging in Place, Matthew Rathbun, CRS, 1 credit

What's That CRS Mean, Anyway?, Leigh Brown, CRS, 1 credit

Competing With (& Beating!) Discount Brokerages, Maurice Taylor, CRS, 1 credit

Win that Listing!, Laura Heiskell, CRS, 1 credit

Tips for Marketing to Millennial Homebuyers, Jay Gregg (Pillar To Post), 1 credit

CRS Week 2017

How To Differentiate Yourself Using Brand Experience, Alice Soon (Pillar To Post), 1 credit

Video Marketing: No More Vanilla, Michael Thorne, CRS, 1 credit

How To Create an Email Newsletter that Brings in the Business, Melissa Zavala, CRS, 1 credit

Choosing the Right Photos to Market Your Properties, Dale Carlton, CRS, 1 credit

Making Social Media Work, Leigh Brown, CRS, 1 credit


Build Your Business

The 13 Not-So-Secret Tips to Success in Real Estate, Sean Carpenter, 1 credit 

How to Turn Likes into Leads, Ameeta Jain & Katie Lance, 1 credit

Your Database is Your Business, Pat Zaby, CRS, 1 credit

Business Planning: Jump-Start Your 2019, Sandy Borman, CRS, 1 credit

Reach Out and Touch Someone: The Impact of Community Involvement, Alexis Bolin, CRS, Beth Jaworski, CRS, and Richard Waystack, CRS, 1 credit  

Tax Talk 2018
, Chris Bird, CRS, 2 credits

Tax Talk 2019, Chris Bird, CRS, 1 credits

Tax Talk 2020, Chris Bird, CRS, 1 credits

The What, When, Why and How of Repeat and Referral Sales, Pat Zaby, CRS, 1 credit

Leveraging Women's Home Ownership, Desiree Patno, 1 credits

Cure Your CHAOS: Clean Up Your Data and Stay Organized, Jen Teske, CRS, 1 credit

How to Calculate and Use Market Statistics, Karen Randolph, CRS, 1 credit

Leigh Brown Unplugged: Planning for 2020, Leigh Brown, CRS, 1 credit 

COVID-19 and the Luxury Market, Jack Cotton, CRS & Panel, 1 credit

Secrets of Selling to Multicultural Clients, Michael Lee, CRS, 1 credit

Best Practices

Putting the Fun Back into Your Business, Mike Selvaggio, CRS, 1 credit

How to Survive the Evolving Real Estate Market, Ifoma Pierre, 1 credit

Weathering the Storm: How Real Estate Pros Can Bring Relief and Build Community During Natural Disasters, Melissa Zavala, CRS, 1 credit

Diversity and Inclusion - Why is it Important?, Tim Hur, CRS, 1 credit

Estate Planning for Real Estate Professionals, Joseph Nery, 1 credit 

Money Laundering Risks: Spot Red Flags and Report Suspicious Activity, Lesley Walker, Christie DeSanctis, Young Lee, Lawrence Scheinert, 1 credit 

Before and After the Storm: How You Can Assist Your Customers and Community, Kim Knapp, 1 credit

Resolution Reset: Goals, Motivation and Habit-Formation, Elizabeth Stone, 1 credit

Connecting with Clients and Colleagues, William Jennings, CRS, 1 credit

REALTOR® for Life, Duane Duggan, CRS, 1 credit 

The Psychology Behind Guiding People: How to Influence the Opposition, Dale Carlton, CRS, 1 credits

Radon and Real Estate, Paul Ferguson & Richie Ryan, 1 credit 

More Than a REALTOR®, Leon B. Robinson, IV, 1 credit

The House has Sold...Now What? Preparing Your Clients for Move Day, Dawn Kroeger & Chris Bortnichak, 1 credit

Legal Issues in Real Estate Every Agent Should Know, Dale Carlton, CRS, 1 credit

Code of Ethics: Secret Conversion Tools That You Already Have , Leigh Brown, CRS, 1 credit


Buyers and Sellers

The 5 Questions Sellers & Buyers Must Ask Before Hiring a Home Inspector & How to Prepare for the Unexpected During the Inspection, Roberto Sarjoo, Alice Soon, and Rachel Oslund, 1 credit


Post THIS, Not THAT, Marcie Roggow, CRS, 1 credit


Virtual and Augmented Reality in Real Estate, Matthew Rathbun, CRS, 1 credit

Using D-I-S-C Profiles for Real Estate Team Roles, Raejean "RJ" Christopher, 1 credit

Website Basics: What Every Agent Should Know with Matthew Rathbun, CRS, 1 credit

Win Listings Using 3D and Virtual Reality, Paul Grasshoff, 1 credit 

What Now? Consumer Responses to Data Breaches, Trista Curzydlo, 1 credit

Cybercrime and E&O Claims: Reducing Your Risk of Being a Target, John Torvi, CRS, 1 credit

Lead Generation Tools for Less Than $100, Bubba Mills, 1 credit 

Humaneering: The Power of Being Human in an Artificial Intelligence Driven World, Jeff Turner, 1 credit 

Augmented and Virtual Reality and Real Estate, Craig Grant, 1 credit 

New Impactful Technologies in Real Estate, David Conroy & Dan Weisman, 1 credit


Handling Multiple Offers with Ease, John Young, CRS, 1 credits

Smart Cities and Their Impact on Residential Real Estate, Panel discussion, 2 credits

Practical Applications for Blockchain in Real Estate, Dave Conroy, 1 credit 

Opportunity Zones: The Basics, John Blom, CRS, 1 credit