A Proven Path to Success

The Education PLAN Program, which includes two different education tracks: Broker and Agent Plan.

The Broker PLAN is an 8 week program and the Agent PLAN is a 12 week program. Each program track include a dedicated training schedule combined with RRC’s highly rated online courses with guidance from a CRS-certified instructor. Education PLAN is designed to help REALTORS® and BROKER OWNERS of all skill levels hit the ground running on their personal and professional real estate business goals.

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Looking to Create a PLAN of Your Own?

Broker Solutions is ready to help you customize your brokerage's educational and professional development needs. Working with our education team and CRS-certified instructors, we can put together a training program that meets your agents where they are.

Your customized program can include:

  • Virtual and face-to-face instructor-led trainings
  • Online & self-paced eLearnings
  • Career path assessments and recommendations

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Looking to Create a PLAN of Your Own

What's Included

Self-Paced Education

Industry Leading Education

  • Training that will cover skills agents need to be successful
  • Curriculum that goes beyond the basics in all key areas of real estate
Allied Community  of Agents

Agent Community/Network

  • Facilitated virtual meetings to help agents grow their network
  • Events and resources to stay connected with their colleagues
Individualized Instruction


  • Tools to track agents' good habits
  • Checklists to keep agents moving
  • Journaling and discussion with mentors focused on improving performance

Your agents will…

  • Create and refine habits that work with your brokerage’s business plans
  • Hone their skills in Business Planning, Marketing, Leads & Listings, and Negotiations
  • Work with CRS certified instructors to achieve their professional goals
  • Collaborate and network with agents in your brokerage, as well as from around the country
  • Incorporate industry proven checklists and tools into their day-to-day business

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