Residential Real Estate Leadership

Your business success is our goal. Working to help you down the path to success are many dedicated individuals who serve as volunteer leaders of the Residential Real Estate Council.

These individuals commit time away from their own businesses to help set the direction for the Council and provide you with the tools and resources to thrive in your market.

Learn more about the Council's leadership and how you can get involved.

Board of Directors


Holli Woodward, CRS
Owasso, Oklahoma


Pam Ruggeroli, CRS
Tucson, AZ 


First Vice President
Tricia Nekota, CRS
Honolulu, HI 


Chief Executive Officer
Jeff Hornberger
Chicago, Illinois


Immediate Past President
Alex Milshteyn, CRS
Ann Arbor, MI 


Sandy McRae, CRS
Wichita, KS 


Kurt Thompson, CRS
Leominster, MA 


Bruce Myers
Dallas, TX 


John Young, CRS
Silver Spring, MD 


Addie Owens, CRS
Mount Dora, FL 

Regional Vice Presidents


Corinne Geiger, CRS
Region 1: New England Region (includes CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT)


Bonnie Metviner, CRS
Region 2: NJ/DE, NY, PA, MD/DC, VA


Teresa Pitt, CRS
Region 3: KY, NC, SC, TN


Vivian Macias, CRS
Region 4: AL, FL, GA


Tonya Thomsen, CRS
Region 5: MI, OH, IN, IL, WI


Kim Barnthouse, CRS
Region 6: IA, MN, NE, ND/SD, KS, MO


Eloise Eriksson Martin, CRS
Region 7: AR, OK, LA, TX


Rosemarie Doshier, CRS
Region 8: AZ, CO, NV, NM, UT


Margie McIntyre, CRS
Region 9: AK, ID, MT, OR, WA


Arlene Kim-Kawamoto, CRS
Region 10: CA, HI

RRC Senior Staff

Jeff Hornberger
Chief Executive Officer

Keith Tristano
Chief Financial Officer 

Colleen McMahon
Chief Membership and Volunteer Officer 

Melissa Burkholder-White
Director of Professional Development
Bob Nitekman
Vice President of Information Technology 

Matt Schroeder
Director of Volunteer Services 
Kimberly Cure
Director of Communications

Urszula Stankiewicz
Director of Finance


Finance Committee

The Finance Committee develops financial policies for the Council, monitors adherence to those policies, and establishes decision-making and policy development criteria for recommendations that have budgetary impacts. 

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Leadership Development Committee

The Leadership Development Committee is responsible for recommending nominations for President, President-elect and First Vice President of the Council and Board of Directors. Additionally, this committee reviews the recommendations for Regional Vice Presidents and Leadership Development Committee before going to the Board of Directors for final approval.

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Regional Vice Presidents Committee

The Regional Vice Presidents Committee is responsible for coordinating the work of all RVPs by sharing ideas and best practices on providing assistance to individual states or regions.

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Regional Vice Presidents Selection Subcommittee

The Regional Vice Presidents Selection Subcommittee conducts interviews for the Regional Vice President positions and makes recommendations to the Leadership Development Committee.

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Awards Committee

The Awards Committee recommends award winners to the Board of Directors, including the Lifetime Achievement Award.

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Code of Conduct Committee

The Code of Conduct Committee is responsible for interpreting, administering, and enforcing the Volunteer Code of Conduct of the Residential Real Estate Council.

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Election Guidelines Implementation Committee

The Election Guidelines Implementation Committee is responsible to oversee adherence to Election Campaign Guidelines during the election.

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Mastermind Divisions

Divisions provide an opportunity for the Council members to exchange best practices and serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors. Divisions each have a chair and a co-chair appointed by the President and President-elect on annual basis to serve a one-year term. Members of the mastermind division will be appointed by the President-elect and First Vice President on annual basis to serve a one-year term. Each division has up to 75 members who will self-nominate or nominate another Council member for consideration. A member may only serve on one mastermind division at any given time. Each division meets at least twice a year during Midyear and Annual Meetings.

Education Mastermind Division

The Education Mastermind Division provides an opportunity for members, instructors, and course sponsors to exchange ideas, information, best practices, and education that help residential specialists enhance their practice, achieve greater success, and elevate the profession. The members of the group volunteer their time in reviewing courses, presentations, and sessions that the Council offers including those at its annual Sell-a-bration event.

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Regional Mastermind Division

The Regional Mastermind Division provides a supportive community for each state leadership team and their volunteers to coordinate local activities.

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Outreach Marketing Mastermind Division

The Outreach Marketing Mastermind Division provides a supportive community for RRC members and volunteer leaders to discuss marketing, PR and promotional outreach opportunities and coordinate activities.

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Presidential Advisory Group

2021-2022 Membership / Engagement Model

Rich Bradford, CRS
Kim Byrd, CRS
Joanne Crum, CRS
Kathleen Fisher, CRS
Mark Gordon, CRS
Kevin Harris, CRS
James Martin, CRS
Amy McCoy, CRS
Lisa Parenteau, CRS
Kristen Reimers, CRS
Nick Solis, CRS
Christopher Suranna, CRS
Lisa Thomas, CRS
Merlin Weaver, CRS

Past Council Presidents

1976: Richard M. Caruso,* CRS
1977: Kenneth J. Reyhons,* CRS
1978: Don C. Roberts, CRS
1979: Daniel F. Sheehan, Sr.,* CRS
1980: David B. Doeleman, CRS
1981: Jock Barker, CRS
1982: Del Bain,* CRS
1983: Mary Dot Klock,* CRS
1984: Howard Brinton,* CRS
1985: Chip Morrison, CRS
1986: D. Mark Miscevic, CRS
1987: Gail G. Lyons, CRS
1988: Rick Deluca, CRS
1989: David E. Beson, CRS
1990: Peter N. “Pat” Zaby, CRS
1991: John R. “JC” Clements, CRS
1992: C. Michael Brodie, CRS
1993: Susan Showers Anderson, CRS
1994: Richard F. Dillingham, Jr., CRS
1995: Judith M. Sykes, CRS
1996: Frank E. Kowalski, CRS
1997: Myra Zollinger, CRS
1998: Edward D. Hatch, CRS
1999: Toni Sherman, CRS

2000: Douglas P. Richards, CRS 
2001: George “Gee” Dunsten, CRS 
2002: Walt Frey, CRS 
2003: Bill Sloan, CRS 
2004: Gail Flagel, CRS 
2005: Ingrid Glancy, CRS 
2006: Randy Eagar, CRS 
2007: Kay West, CRS 
2008: Michael Selvaggio, CRS 
2009: Gregory L. Hodges, CRS 
2010: Gregg Fujita, CRS 
2011: Frank Serio, CRS 
2012: Mark Minchew, CRS 
2013: Mary McCall, CRS 
2014: Ron Canning, CRS 
2015: Dale Carlton, CRS 
2016: Janelle Pfleiger, CRS 
2017: Leigh Brown, CRS 
2018: Gary Williams,* CRS 
2019: Michael Burkhard, CRS 
2020: Richard Waystack, CRS 
2021: Alex Milshteyn, CRS